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Shine on Instagram

Shine on Instagram

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The 5-day Instagram masterclass for YOU and your business!

Relatively new to Instagram or looking for an easy way to expand your knowledge? Join us for our 5-day Instagram class!

How it works
This course starts on Monday 1 April and ends on Friday 5 April. The daily classes will be taught by our Instagram Expert Maloe on Instagram Stories via a private account. The course asks about 15 mins. of your time for the daily classes + some time for assignments.

On your own time You can follow the classes in your own pace; all info will be available for 1 month.

Content of this 5-day Instagram course

Day 1: The Instagram basics
After this day you'll know the benefits of using a business account, how to improve your bio, how to design your account, whether you chose the right instagram handle (name of your account), etc.

Day 2: Creating creative content
After this day you'll know how to create content that matches your business, how to write captions, how to use #hashtags, and which apps to use.

Day 3: Being visible and active on Instagram
You'll learn how to set-up a content calendar that works for you, how to use Stories + its possibilities, and which apps to use.

Day 4: Your ideal follower + community building + Live Q&A
A busy day! On this day you'll define your ideal customer and therefore your ideal follower. You'll learn how to build a community and how to get people to follow you and comment on your posts and Stories.
At 8PM (UTC+2) Maloe will go live and you'll have the chance to ask all questions you may have.

Day 5: Insight in your statistics + Influencer Marketing
To learn more about your growth and the details of your following, we'll dive into your statistics. You'll learn how to use this info for your own benefit. We'll also share some tips on influencer marketing with you.

After Shine on Instagram
After this course you'll understand all the ins and outs of Instagram. You'll know how to use your account as a tool to market your personal brand and how to make the Instagram world a better place. You'll know how to reach a larger audience, how to create creative content, which apps to use, and how to grow your community. 

Because this is the first time the Instagram Masterclass is given in this setting, there's a pilot discount: you can now book your spot for just €35,- (incl. TAX) instead of the regular €79,-.

  Next course dates: this masterclass will return in June or July.