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How it works

Private account

The courses all have their own private Instagram account. After you buy a ticket, you'll receive an email with the specific account to follow. 

We'll start accepting request 48 hours before the start of the course.

Duration of the course
Depending on the course, it takes 3 or 5 days. We usually start on Monday. This info is provided per course.

All information shared in the classes will be available for 4 weeks, so you can do everything in your own pace.

Daily Stories
Instagram Stories with tips are posted daily around 10:00AM (UTC+2). It takes about 15 mins a day to read through all of them. 

Assignments & Challenges
There are daily assignments and/or challenges. We advise you to do them the same day, but of course you can decide to do them another time. It's all up to you.
We're lucky to have people from all over the world joining our classes. Let's connect with each other and build a community. You can comment below the photos in the feed of the Instagram account and learn about everyone's story.